Anonymous asked: Hey, I just have this question for you who know concerning tattoos on the scalp. I went to a cosmetic tattooing clinic about two years ago where they tattooed hundreds of tiny dots on my head to replicate hair follicles as a camouflage for my hair loss. While the tattooing was an improvement to my original state, I have never been very satisfied with it and want to add more ink dots on my head. Could I get a successful job at a reputable tattoo shop in my area or do I need cosmetic tattoo place

You should be able to find someone that can help you out outside of the cosmetics world. Look for someone that specializes in black and grey tattoos.

Anonymous asked: this is a 100% serious question i know its odd and random but, my boyfriend was wondering about pain receptors on his penis if he got a tattoo there would he lose some feeling afterwards?

I don’t have any dong tattoos but the other places I have been tattooed have just as much feeling as they did prior to being tattooed. FYI tattooers love tattooing wieners.

Anonymous asked: I have a tattoo of Disney's Little Mermaid, its a black silhouette on my wrist. I'm wondering now if there is anyway to add any color to it or add color to the original outline?

If it’s solid black it is what it is. If it’s an outline someone may be able to do something with it depending on how small it is.

Anonymous asked: will white ink or colored ink work over old black ??

Probably won’t look like you want it to.

Anonymous asked: Anonymous can u go over yellow ink with green pls?


Anonymous asked: I got a tattoo done on my upper back 3 days ago, it's still pretty painful, and flaking skin off it already and leaking ink although I did accidentally sleep on it last night, is thus normal? And what is the best thing to heal it up, I've been told to use non fragranced moisturising cream but it's making it flake and it's drying out super quick, what should I do?!

All that is normal.
Keep it clean and hydrated. The healing process takes about 2 weeks.

sonyarhesler asked: I want a tattoo that says "Love what you have, remember what you had. Learn from mistakes, and never regret. Always forgive, but never forget." in a cursive font across the top of my back. This will be my first tattoo. How long do you think it would take?

Too many variables to give you an answer.

Anonymous asked: What's the symbol of small moon and sun ? I wish I could show you the pic so that you'll know what im talking about

Google it

Anonymous asked: I know you can get ashes of lost loved ones tattooed onto you, are there other types of ashes that you can get tattooed onto you safely?

I’m sure it’s possible but I wouldn’t suggest doing it.

Anonymous asked: I just got my name tattooed on my wrist and i was wanting something to make it stand out

Like a Viking skull?