nathalieinexile said: hey! so i recently got a floral piece and the flowers are suppose to be yellow. the flowers are more of a dirty orange and it's super yuck. :/ i just got the piece done on friday, so maybe it still needs time to heal for the color to show? what do you think? thanks!

Wait till it is healed before you worry about it. Yellows and oranges get less vibrant as they age.

Anonymous said: Hi, I would like to get a tattoo in Stockholm. I want a tattoo in black/grey in a realistic style. I have a basic idea but will let the artist make a creation. Can you recomend a few artists in Stockholm? Thank you for you answer. Tom

Imperial tattoo would be a good start. Gunnar foley might be a good fit.

Anonymous said: My local tattoo artist said she wouldn't tattoo me for religious reasons and that my tattoo is too detailed for the size I wanted. I wanted an 'alchemy magic circle' on my wrists (a few inches below my palms). Was she BSing me about the tattoo being too detailed?

I’d have to see the design. She might just be a prude. Go to someone that is excited about your idea. You’ll be happier In the end

Anonymous said: i have a veru basic line tattoo of the aquarius water holder in black ink. can i get it covered by a more elaborate design?


Anonymous said: Who does chest tattoos to look like chest hair?

Someone with a good sense of humor

Anonymous said: I went to Tattoo shop with good reviews and i'm not happy with my tattoo, when i arrived the artist didn't even work on the pictures i left along with the 60$ down payment,, is it rude or crossing the line to ask for a different artist to do my new one and maybe fix the first one???

Go somewhere else.
They obviously are not concerned with what the client wants or they are a sub par establishment. You pay for what you get.

Anonymous said: I decided to be dumb and get a tattoo at home from my brother's friend. I saw him take a new needle/tube combo out of the package for the tat and I saw his cleaning supplies and he had on gloves and wiped my arm I know he used three different needles for the colors but. YOU NEVER KNOW so now im worried I could be infected. My question is if it comes out of the package is there a reason to worry? Either way I'm still getting tested just in case.

Getting tattooed in a random place is never a good idea. Get tested then tell everyone how you got tattooed by a friend and it freaked you out so they don’t make the same mistake.

Anonymous said: I'm getting my first tattoo(s) a week before I go to warped tour. Will it be sore? I will be in very cramped areas and bumped into frequently, and there will be sun and sweat. Tips or warnings? I'm worried

Not the best idea. Skip one or the other if you are worried.

Anonymous said: I just got a tattoo and once the scab fell off its now a grey/milky color. Is that normal?

You might have had a deep scab due to not caring for it properly while it was healing. Some of the pigment will fall out if the wound is too deep.

Anonymous said: A couple of my tattoos have all the sudden raised in some areas like they are scared and those spots itch like an allergic reaction but it's only two of them and both in different areas, from different artists and they r both at least 10 years old. Its weird. Any ideas? Thanks

That happens. Mine do that from time to time. Keeping them moisturized might help. Mine tend to do it when they are dry.