rymido said: Hi iv started designing a sleeve its going to be on my lower right arm i am using the four elements as my staring point now i am happy with fire water but i am stuck with Air and Earth i am not using symbols and trying use depictions of these element keep in mind i have to fit these in half my lower arm thanks :D

I don’t really answer questions like this. Art is subjective can’t give you any direction there.

Anonymous said: lets say i get a tattoo on my arm, and i trip and a big scrape on my arm i peel off the scab and would it ruin the tattoo?

Depends on how deep the scab/wound is. If you pick the scab and there is no color where it used to be you might have boogered up your tattoo.

gryles-is-love said: Hey, okay so i need some help (which is convenient because you answer questions right?) I'm thinking of getting a quarter sleeve tattoo and i have some ideas in mind but i'm not sure on how they would work together, can you help me try to find some awesome ideas? do i have too much in here for a quarter sleeve? and will the portrait be too small for the artist? Thanks so much in advance, sorry for bugging you... Thanks.

If you sent images that go with the questions you asked I didn’t get them. The best think to do is find a talented artist in your area and ask them the questions. If you let me know where you are located I can point you in the right direction.

Anonymous said: I got a tattoo stating sky above me earth below mr fire within me on my left ribcage. I want a dragon to be part of the same tattoo. Only problem is the writing is the size of my hand in a rectangular shape. Do I get a dragon going around the words or should I get one that goes from my stomach to my back around the words

That is a weird question. I don’t know

Anonymous said: Are there tattoos made to look like a full chest of hair?

I have never seen one

Anonymous said: Can you drink after getting a tattoo?

Yes. The more the better .

Anonymous said: I have a hairy chest but the hair is turing gray. I want to know if you’ve ever done a chest tattoo that looks like chest hair?

I’m not a tattooer. so no.

flinkansikt said: Do you know what style the "alchemic" tattoos would be called? medical (greys anatomy) ,alchemic,etc etc. thank you!

I’m not sure what you would call that particular imagery but it sounds like you are looking for a black and grey tattoo.

Anonymous said: i just got a tattoo of elephants and one of the elephants is too small and doesnt show any details can an artist make it a bit bigger, also one is light blue and it looks awful can the color be changed to brown or grey

I hate to break it to you but it sounds like you just got your self a bad tattoo. It may or may not be fixable. Hard to tell without seeing it. Good luck.

Anonymous said: I watch Tattoo Nightmares and other tattoo shows pretty often, and it seems like the artists always hand-draw their tattoo designs. Is it common or acceptable to design tattoos digitally using computer graphics programs (ie, Photoshop)? Also, it seems like they work incredibly fast, and though there are obviously time-skips on television shows, it seems like they don't take more than a few hours to design. Does design work typically move that quickly?

I don’t watch tattoo shows any more. It gives people a false since of the process. What’s happening on TV is not normally how stuff go’s down at a reputable shop.