Anonymous said: i got a tattoo i week ago on my calf, it still hurts. is that normal? can i put neosporin on it?

No don’t put that on it. Use aquaphor. It takes about two weeks for a tattoo to heal if cared for properly. You’ll be fine

Anonymous said: which finger is most commonly tatted and which is the most painful

Probably all the same pain wise. Not sure what is the most common. I would pick the middle finger.

Anonymous said: I'm getting a tattoo on my ring finger on Monday. I work as a barista and would be working a 10 hour shift the following day. This will be ok right? Since the area will be bandaged? I have an extremely high pain tolerance.

You should be fine.

Anonymous said: I'm getting my first tat and it's going to be roman numerals of my lucky number on my finger. What do I bring on the day of? Do i go to Microsoft word and print out the number in the exact font and size I like? Do I find a photo of someone with the font I like and print it out? Do I hand draw it?

Having reference would be helpful.

Anonymous said: Hi I'm getting my first tattoo I just wondering if you have any tips or advice ? I'm really nervous

Sit still and enjoy the process.

Anonymous said: Hi! So I'm getting a tattoo on on ribs in a few weeks and I'm extremely nervous from hearing all the rumors about how painful it is and it's the worst spot to get done... It'll be my 3rd tattoo too so I know what it feels like but I'm honestly terrified of needles, I'm a little bitch lol. Is there anything I could do to not make it as painful? Any tips or anything? Thanks :)

Unfortunately I can’t help you there. I have both of mine done and it was rough. Good luck. :)

nathalieinexile said: hey! so i recently got a floral piece and the flowers are suppose to be yellow. the flowers are more of a dirty orange and it's super yuck. :/ i just got the piece done on friday, so maybe it still needs time to heal for the color to show? what do you think? thanks!

Wait till it is healed before you worry about it. Yellows and oranges get less vibrant as they age.

Anonymous said: Hi, I would like to get a tattoo in Stockholm. I want a tattoo in black/grey in a realistic style. I have a basic idea but will let the artist make a creation. Can you recomend a few artists in Stockholm? Thank you for you answer. Tom

Imperial tattoo would be a good start. Gunnar foley might be a good fit.

Anonymous said: My local tattoo artist said she wouldn't tattoo me for religious reasons and that my tattoo is too detailed for the size I wanted. I wanted an 'alchemy magic circle' on my wrists (a few inches below my palms). Was she BSing me about the tattoo being too detailed?

I’d have to see the design. She might just be a prude. Go to someone that is excited about your idea. You’ll be happier In the end

Anonymous said: i have a veru basic line tattoo of the aquarius water holder in black ink. can i get it covered by a more elaborate design?